Waaaaaay back in 2010, we moved from Israel to Italy and in-between we stayed a couple of weeks in Wales.  It was a lovely experience and we were so blessed at the spontaneous hospitality of a wonderful community of believers.  We had had other plans to stay in the South of England but they fell through a day before we were supposed to arrive!  What a surprise!  So immediately we set to praying and our church sent emails and made phone calls and then we got the news that a believing woman from Wales would host us in her house for a week and then other arrangements would be made for the rest of our time.  😀  It was truly an adventure but our Guide had it all under his control!  The flight from Israel to Manchester, England was rather entertaining as we sat next to a group of elderly women returning from a tour and immediately conversation turned to the differences in our language, family, Israel and much more.  Those ladies had such a fun sense of humor. 🙂

Once we arrived at the airport, some warm and happy people were waiting there to meet us in the freezing cold and drove us a full 3 hours to a small town called, Mold,Wales.  They dropped us off at a tinyyyy adorable cottage and said for us to get settled and they’d come see us in the morning.  The house was very sweet and quaint!  And these new friends of ours had completely stocked the kitchen and prepared the beds with down comfortors and fluffy pillows.  😉

What a blessing!!!  We spent the next few days exploring our surroundings and getting familiar with the place.  It was so quaint and, well, British! xD

Enjoy the photos of the picturesque scenery and our wanderings in the Mold market.

After a lovely week in Mold, we needed to find another place to stay for the next few days before our flight to Italy.  A family with two children offered to host us in their house which used to be a very large church!  What a luxurious place to stay in!

Come back next Tuesday for Part two… adventures in Ruthin, Wales!