“I had a terrible pain in my shoulder at that time and I was also heartbroken over my daughter.  I spent so much time on my knees praying, just crying out to God.  And I was praying and praying.  One of those times, I had a vision, and I heard God say to me, ‘I want to do something with your daughter, but I can’t because you won’t let me.’  And I saw a picture of my daughter, Salome, and my hands were fastened around her ankles. I was convicted.  And I said, ‘God, cut them off.  Just cut off my hands so you can do your work.’  And when I prayed that prayer and realeased Salome, I was healed.  And eventually, God brought restoration to us.”

We went to visit an elderly lady this week and she told us this story and she challenged us.  What are you holding on to that you won’t give to God, allowing Him to do His work.  And as I ponder this, I thought I would throw the challenge out to you as well.  What is there in your life that you can’t, won’t let go of?  In what ways are you not trusting the Father who has the best in mind for you?

May He speak to your heart this weekend!

Es <3