My first few weeks of my time in Denmark, every weekend we spent in the picturesque sea town of Hornbæk.  We did not go there to vacation, however, but to spend precious time with Stephen in his rehab hospital.  Below is an excerpt from my journal on September 13th.  =)

The place we are in is so. beautiful. There are trees and plants of all sorts and everything is so clean and well taken care of. There are also old, old cottages and antique stores….yeah it’s lovely. As we were walking through the little town, they were so surprised and happy to see their dad come out to meet them in his wheelchair! He has a really cool electric one that he can drive with his right hand. Anyway, there were tears, hugs, kisses and happiness all over. Stephen had forgotten his socks and so we went back to the hospital to get them and also he showed us where he did everything. After that, we spent some time out on the porch since it was so sunny and warm.


What a long weekend. But such a blessed one too.

Enjoy some of the beautiful oceanside scenery from Hornbæk.