How many times have you opened your Bible but your eyes just wouldn’t stay open and you fall asleep?    Or you sit down to pray but your thoughts wander mindlessly, following one rabbit trail after the other and  focusing on prayer is near to impossible…you feel just dry.  Well, this happens to me….and unfortunately not just once but many times.  What can we do in times like these? Thankfully, we are not alone and we have the very man after God’s own heart who prays this prayer.

Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit.  Psalms 51:12

I came across a blog post from Desiring God and so I’ll just quote it below.  I hope you are encouraged and blessed by this prayer.

Refresh my joy — God, I need you to remind me again of the lengths in which you have gone to save my sinful soul. Remind me again of the holy wrath I deserve, so that I can rejoice again in the precious mercy that has saved me. Cause this joy to overpower the dullness I feel right now.

Restore my allegiance — God, my heart is dull because my loyalties are wrong. I long for ease and comfort and for human praise, which empty my soul. As I acknowledge my sin, re-align my allegiances to your name and re-commit my devotion to your glory. Give me a “right spirit” (Psalm 51:10).

Grant me willing obedience — God, help me obey you today, not compelled by obligation, but willed by your Spirit within me. I desperately want to obey you and to experience the joy of obedience. I need a free and willing spirit — I needyour free and willing Spirit. Uphold me in this, I pray.

In my own words: God, refresh my joy, restore my fidelity, and grant me the freeness to obey you today.

from A (Very) Short Prayer for My Dullest Days by Tony Reinke

Adapt this as your own prayer, on those dry days.  And be amazed at the goodness and faithfulness of our God who hears your every heart’s cry.

Have a blessed weekend!
Es <3